Paintings > March 24, 1999

figurative oil painting of white angel screaming woman sky and clouds by artist Lori Markman
Ein Jeder Engel.
Oil On Canvas
36 inches x 48 inches

This painting represents the moment when I looked out of my rear view mirror and saw a car speeding diagonally across the freeway towards me. The moment when I realized there was going to be an accident, but a split second before anything actually happened. The white figure represents fate, the universe, what-ever-it-was that caused me to be in that exact spot on that exact freeway at that exact moment of time. Had I driven 5 miles an hour faster or slower for even just a couple of minutes, I would not have been at that exact spot at that exact time, and I would not have been hit. I love how the white figure is mysterious, beautiful and ambiguous. You don't know if it is rising or falling...

The title is part of a line in the First Duino Elegie by the German poet Rainer Maria Rilke which translates roughly as "every angel is terrifying...".

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