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abstract pencil drawing of words and eggs by artist Lori Markman
Right-Wrong, Good-Bad
Pencil on Paper
14 inches x 13 1/2 inches

This was the second drawing of my still on-going exploration of drawing. This drawing is a working out of my then mindset that something was either right or wrong, good or bad, black and white, with no shades of gray. A very destructive thought pattern which I am happy to say, I no longer inhabit. Interestingly, the first drawing " Good-Bad, Perfect-Failure" had just one egg. That one egg has now blossomed into two eggs. Another bit of growth.

This original drawing is pencil and colored pencil on white paper.The drawing is signed and dated.

As usual, the camera does not pick up the detail, the fine lines, the layer upon layer of tone and line that make up this drawing. This drawing took a very long time to complete, more than 40 hours.

The drawing is unframed and should be framed and matted to protect it.

The price of this drawing includes all domestic within the US shipping and handling. International shipping is extra and will be paid for by the buyer at a price arranged by the artist and the buyer.

Artist to retain all copyrights.

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