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mixed medial collage drawing of Japanese landscape using colored pencil, pencil, japanese prints and paper
Japanese Landscape Mixed Media: Snow, Water and Two Bridges
mixed media colored pencil, graphite pencil, japanese woodblock prints wrapping paper
16 x 22 in

Japanese Landscape: "Snow, Water and Two Bridges"
This is an original mixed media collage drawing using colored pencil, graphite pencil, Japanese woodblock prints, and wrapping paper dots on Bristol Vellum paper. It is signed and dated on the front. The drawing is unframed and should be matted and framed to protect it.

I did this drawing inspired by traditional Japanese woodblock art which I love, but I wanted to create a piece that gave one the feel of a traditional Japanese Landscape but updated and transformed into a contemporary piece that integrates Western Art with the Japanese Tradition. I love this piece. It is so serene and tranquil.

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